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We offer a number of different classes to cater to people of different ages and abilities. We have Taekwondo classes for adults and children, as well as specific classes for fitness, Judo, and PYT (Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi). We also offer regular weapons courses and often have training days and seminars such as our Pressure Points seminars, competitions and Kata clinics. 



Our adult Freestyle Taekwondo classes are available to people of any ability and teach elements of boxing, kickboxing and MMA as well as Taekwondo. 

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          PANDA CUBS

This is our youngest Freestyle Taekwondo group, taking children from 3 years old until they're ready to move up into the Punchin' Pandas group. We cover a range of basic moves including punches and kicks, and teach the basic Kata Chong-Gi. We also cover a range of different skills in class such as; listening, taking instructions, concentration and respect.

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A step up from the panda cubs, Punchin' Pandas takes children from around the age of 5 until they're ready to move up to leadership/ Junior Dragons. As well teaching the basics of Taekwondo our children's classes have a built in character development programme that teaches self-respect, discipline, anti-bullying techniques and self defence.  

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This Freestyle Taekwondo class is for our older children. Like our other kid's classes, it includes our bespoke programme to teach young people the core values of our martial arts and important skills like teamwork, safety and self-defence. We also have a bully-busting group where older children can take on a leadership role to help younger ones who may be being bullied.

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          ADULT BASIC


This class is specially designed for people who are new to martial arts or who may want a less intense class. We cover elements of Freestyle Taekwondo, MMA and kickboxing as well as building general fitness. If you're worried about joining the main adult class, would prefer a smaller group, or want something a bit more gentle, this would be a great option for you.

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          LADIES ONLY


Our friendly ladies only classes are run by female instructors and focus on self-defence and kickboxing, as well elements of Freestyle Taekwondo. There is also the option to test for your belts this class if you don't feel comfortable grading in the general classes.

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Though we teach elements of Judo in all of our classes, we also have specific classes that focus solely on this. You'll be taught in our second dojo and have the opportunity to learn a variety of ground holds, throws, break falls and Katas. As well as gaining a detailed knowledge of Judo, you'll have the opportunity to compete and work your way through the Judo belt system. 

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Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi - this class was developed by Ms O'Connell and combines these three styles as well as elements of meditation for a more relaxed experience. PYT is great for mental and physical health and many people use it to help them recover from injuries or health issues as it is a low impact activity.

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As well as martial arts, we run regular specialist weapons courses. We cover a variety of weapons including; Bo Staff, Kama, Nunchaku, Escrima, Swords and Sai. Our weapons classesn will teach you to master the skills of each weapon, including weapon techniques, sparring, self-defence and katas. You'll also have the opportunity to compete and take part in demonstrations. 

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