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Here's what our members have to say about our club...


“I've been to other martial arts clubs before but I could never stick to it. At LEFMAA I feel so supported; it's such a nice family atmosphere and everyone is helpful and gets on well. I also love that I can do stuff like weapons courses that I wouldn't get the chance to do otherwise.”​
Bekah Smith; Adult TKD


“I’ve been coming to the club since February and absolutely love it. The instructors are really friendly, and the mix of Martial Arts that the class covers keeps it really exciting. For the amount of times you can train each week the membership is really good value. We’re really happy with the progress that we’ve made over the past few months and look forward to continuing to improve our skillset!”​
India G; Adult TKD & Ladies Only


“The academy is a family run business where everyone is friends. It’s non-judgemental and we have everyone from toddlers to grannies training with all different body types. I feel at home and it doesn’t feel like exercise because you’re having so much fun.”​
Kira Rouse; Adult TKD & instructor 


“Long Eaton Family Martial Arts Academy has given me an outlet for stress, it has helped me with control and being mindful, and has given me greater confidence. It has real-world applications, for example self-defense, unlike other sports such as football or rugby, or simply going to the gym.”​
Stuart Mathews; Adult TKD, PYT & Assistant Instructor


“I love being here at the club. I was being bullied at school and it helped me to make friends, deal with bullying at school and be more confident.”​
Karla C, Leadership


“Martial Arts is really good and everyone should do it!"
Logan A; Junior Dragons


“Endless patience and understanding with the little ones in helping them develop their skills. Love the flexibility of not being tied to a single day so that we rarely miss out because of other commitments.”​
Debbie C; Parent

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