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Bully Busting!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Martial Arts is a great sport to get children into, particularly if they’re being bullied. Many of our young students joined our club because of issues with bullying. So why are martial arts so good at helping with this?

Here are some of the main ways martial arts can help a child who is being bullied:

Build Self Esteem

Martial arts are great for building children’s self-esteem and belief. By challenging themselves to join the class, learn new moves and move up the belt system, they are able to recognise their self-worth and be proud of what they can achieve. Martial arts programmes for young people are built around the core values of respect, self-discipline and.. Instructors take great care to instill these values in their students, helping children feel confident within themselves.

Excel in a Different Environment

Martial arts classes allow children to excel in a very different environment than they’re used to. They can practice a sport somewhere away from their bullies, and will be recognised for their achievements. It also gives them somewhere away from the negative environment in which to be themselves.

Positive Social Interaction

Children who are being bullied may not have a lot of friends or may feel isolated at school. When joining a martial arts class, they’re put into a group where they are able to socialise and make friends with others, some of whom may well be in the same position as them. Because martial arts focuses so much on respect, classes foster a very friendly social atmosphere that allows children who are or have been bullied to thrive.


Contrary to some people’s beliefs, martial arts teaches children how to defend themselves without using their fists and does not promote violence in any way. As stated before, control and respect are at the absolute core of martial arts. In classes, children are taught how to defend themselves without using their fists, how to make good choices, and that self-defence moves should be an absolute last resort. In our classes, we teach young people to use their voice, practicing shouting “stop keep away” to deter bullies or attackers. They are also taught that they should tell a parent or teacher if they or someone they know is being hurt or bullied. This is a great element of the sport that makes it great for children who have been bullied, that they wouldn’t get with any other group sport.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your child with bullying.

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