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Cristmas Graduation 2019

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Well done to everyone who graduated and recieved awards this year! Here's a look at what happened...

Christmas Graduation is our most anticipated event for many of our students. It's a great time to meet up with members from our sister clubs and celebrate all the amazing stuff our students have achieved!


Student of the year:

This year we introduced a new award for student of the year, voted for by you! Here are our winners...

Panda Cubs (Girls): Lydia Delacey

Panda Cubs (Boys): James Finney

Pandas (Girls): Maisie Tooley

Pandas (Boys): Ollie Byrne

Junior Dragons (Boys): Logan Appleby

Adult Tae Kwon Do (Ladies): Bekah Smith

Adult Tae Kwon Do (mens): Stuart Mathews

Ladies only Kickboxing: Charlotte Tooley

Club Championships

The club championships look at the performance of the students in competitions across all of the interclub competitions. Well done to everyone who took part in competitiions this year, and well done if you made it into the club champions! Here are this years winners...

Hall of Fame

Another new segment this year was the Hall of Fame; whihc recognises students and instructors who have been with the club for over 10 years!

Black Belts

Well done to Oliver Betts for recieving his full Black Belt!

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